Wedding Rings VA72BAL

  • WIDTH 3.00
  • PRICE 2905 EUR
Set verighete cu diamante din aur alb lucios, cu suprafata usor bombata si plate la interior -- verigheta de dama are latimea de 3.00mm iar cea barbateasca de 4.00mm. Verigheta doamnei cu diamante naturale in taietura briliant (1.30mm) montate in 2 randuri pe toata circumferinta, iar pretul (si numarul diamantelor) difera in functie de marimea aleasa. Pretul afisat este pentru marimea doamnei de 49 (78 diamante). 
• Detalii magice 
• Design exceptional 
• Aur 18Kt de cea mai inalta calitate incrustat cu briliante

Acest model este fabricat de firma noastra. Daca doriti acest model în alta configurare, va rugam, scrieti-ne

The listed price only includes diamonds on her wedding ring. You can opt bellow for adding diamonds to his wedding ring as well.

Wedding band laser engraving is included in the price and will be agreed upon with the customer, following order placement and depending on the width of the chosen model.

  • Free Delivery With Insured Value
  • Maximum delivery time - 10 days
Marimea va fi selectata dupa adaugarea in cos

Order the Correct Size

To make sure the size you have picked is the correct one, after the advance payment we will send you a "multisizer" with the help of which you will be able to exactly measure the required size.

Download the PDF to find out the ring size required.

Certification, Wrapping, Transport

Free delivery and package insurance.

The jewelry will be wrapped-up in a special box, together with the certificate of compliance and fiscal invoice. The package will be shipped by express courier (door-to-door service) with declared value and fully insured. Shipping fees will be covered by our company. In the unlikely event of shipment loss, the beneficiary will be fully compensated.

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